Project Planning and Development

The development and management of renewable energy projects has become attractive to various large and small investors, energy consumers, land and real estate owners, who recognize that sustainable development through RES is the only way to ensure energy security, economic prosperity and environmental harmony.

These are the factors that must be taken into account and affect the approval of the plan by the Energy Regulatory Authority. From the choice of geographic location and technology, to government choices and fund management. For the purpose of coordinating the above often complex processes and obtaining all required permits to deliver the project “ready for construction”, we provide comprehensive project management and supervision. FGRID has over 10 years of experience in managing renewable energy projects of various sizes and complexities. It has a strong portfolio of major projects, which prove in practice both our abilities and the trust of our clients.

At Fgrid, we either undertake the development of very large projects or smaller ones and regardless of whether the investor will build and finance the project himself, the economic and technical development we offer is based on fundamental characteristics that create all the necessary conditions for 100% successful development of the project.

A successful renewable energy development plan requires the definition of the key thematic areas:

             1) Land and site control

            2) Access

            3) Licensing

            4) Design and Engineering

            5) Power purchase agreement

            6) Project Financing

These key areas constitute the information framework within which all project development processes and tools will proceed.

At FGRID, we know very well that the development of renewable energy projects requires excellent foresight, strategic planning and prioritization, as well as careful movements regarding all stakeholders. With renewable energy demand ever increasing, the RES project development landscape is poised to become more competitive and proactive management of these six areas is always essential to ensure our company’s continued success in the world of renewable energy.

We wholeheartedly believe that success in the development of renewable energy projects is essential to the transition to green development, and together with our many years of experience and specialized team, we are here to support and progress your investment plan to its successful implementation.

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