Project Licensing

At FGRID we undertake the full licensing and financing process for all RES projects: solar, onshore wind, hydroelectric, biomass – biogas, hydrogen as well as offshore wind.

The scope of these services covers:

  • Consultation with local authorities and the Energy Regulatory Authority
  • Environmental Permit
  • Building permit
  • Construction Permit
  • Legal services
  • Gathering Documents, writing and submitting teh required file

At the same time, at FGRID we help new and old investors to take advantage of the financing opportunities offered by the European Programs, ESPA and Banks in order to ensure the financial viability of the investment project.

The financing advisory services we offer are::

  • Identification of financial investment needs and financing opportunities
  • Collecting documents, writing a funding proposal and submitting required file

Our team treats each investment as unique. At all stages we involve our most specialized partners – from the sustainability study to the
environmental and the application study and to date, we have licensed dozens of renewable energy projects throughout the Greek territory.

Based on absolute transparency, legality, and our many years of experience, we manage to license even the most demanding RES projects.

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