The Permit and Implementation leave them on FGRID

    We are aware of the policies and permit procedures, this is why our permit success rates are very high, 90%. FGRID has conceived, licensed, and planned energy projects of every renewable source type and size.

    The much-abused energy sector in Greece is undergoing through fundamental reforms. If you want to invest in Renewable Energy Sources (RES) projects then FGRID can help you design and implement the business plan. We can help you find solutions in this chaotic regulatory framework, choose the right technologies, increase the ROI and guarantee the success of your business plan! Our success is based on knowledge. 

    How can we help you?


    Specialized staff

    Our specialized staff has a deep understanding of regulatory requirements and procedures, pricing, supply and demand dynamics, market design issues, financing, technologies and operations. We also monitor the regulatory developments in this rapidly changing industry.

    Time Saving

    We save you the time and resources needed to compile the application of authorization, prepare the required forms and documents the, and submit the dossier where it is required.

    Guaranteed success

    We guarantee a shortening of time-consuming approval procedures and a low rejection rate, due to our persistence on the details and knowledge of the licensing requirements.

    Project and Program Management

    FGRID is aware that successful management of a renewable energy project requires effective planning, organization, transparency and confidentiality. Project management begins at the inception of the investment plan as there are many factors to take into account and affect the authorization of the project by the Energy Regulatory Authority. From site and technology selection, to government goals and capital management, all factors are important for getting granted with the approval.
    For the purpose of coordinating the above complex processes and obtaining all required licenses to deliver the project at the stage of ready for construction, we provide integrated project management and supervision services.
    FGRID has over 10 years of experience managing renewable energy projects of various sizes and complexities. It has a strong portfolio of major importance projects that demonstrate in practice our capabilities and our customers' trust.

    Our Project Management services include:
    • Business Plan Development
    • Cost-Benefit Study
    • Site Assessment and Selection 

    Licensing / Permit Services

    Investments in the Renewable Energy Sources (RES) Sector require the approval of the Energy Regulatory Authority. The regulation for RES varies between regions and types of energy. FGRID’s extensive experience in Licensing RES projects is reflected in our portfolio (hyperlink to our Energy Projects page).
    Our specialized team provides reliability, conformity, reduced expenditure but above all confidentiality and a lot of work so that the licensing efforts of new projects can be successful and older ones, delayed for different reasons, be revised and come to materialization. We work on a specific timeframe, zero margins of failure, respecting the environment, and thanks to the correctness of our information and a commitment to lawfulness, we can timely and successfully license even the most complex RES projects.
    We undertake the full licensing of all types of renewable energy sources projects: Solar, Wind, Hydroelectric, Geothermal, Biomass - Biogas and Combined Heat and Power Units (CHP).

    The Licensing/Permit Services include:
    • Consultation with local authorities and the Energy Regulatory Authority
    • Environmental Permit and Land Use License (Hyperlink in Environmental Study Services)
    • Construction License

    Environmental Permit

    Obtaining the Environmental Permit and the Land Use License are complex and time-consuming processes. Land use regulations are generally governed by a variety of central and local government spatial planning regulations. The Land Use License is inextricably linked to obtaining the Environmental Permit.
    FGRID employs experienced and qualified personnel to facilitate efficient compliance with mandatory and voluntary environmental regulations. Having knowledge of local and national regulations, we help our customers obtain the environmental permit required for constructing the renewable energy plant. We focus on jurisdictional permitting requirements, environment protection, and we use a collaborative approach with the local and regional authorities. The permitting process requires fully documented and well-prepared permit applications. With strong project management and sound methodology we succeed in receiving the corresponding approvals, the Land Use License and the Environmental Permit.

    Our key Environmental Services are:
    • Land characterization assessments – Land Use License
    • Environmental Study
    • Compliance with water, wetland and ornithology legislation
    • Archaeology Study if required
    • Environmental Impact Assessment
    • Construction Permit

    Assessment of Eligibility for Funding/Loans, Drafting Applications to Public Tender Grant Call of Proposals and Submitting the Dossiers for EU Grants or National Development Funding

    FGRID assists the customers to seize national, EU and private investment funding opportunities to ensure the financial viability of the investment plan. Our network of experts compiles the financial plan of the renewable energy investment and can present it to financial institutions to access funding. In addition, they have an in-depth knowledge of the available funding tools available at the Greek and European level to cover a part or the entire investment budget.
    Our experts constantly monitor the public funding opportunities and suggest the most suitable for your investment plan. They have many years of experience in drafting and submitting proposals to the EU Public Tender, the Development Act, and National Strategic Reference Framework Calls. Being awarded with a public grant is a proof of credibility and has a positive impact of being granted a bank loan. The availability of financial means is of great importance as it makes the investment plan EXTREMELY attractive in terms of financial viability, thus increasing the chances of being accredited with the License.

    Our Funding Consulting Services are:
    • Identify financial needs and map funding opportunities
    • Document Collection, Writing Application and Dossier Submission

    Legal Services

    FGRID can provide you with the required legal services to authorize your RES energy investment plan. Our respected legal professionals will prepare the legal documentation required to be accredited with both the environmental permit and the licensing of the power plant by the regulatory authorities. We also provide legal services for drafting all relevant contracts (partnership, real estate, review of loan terms, power purchase, technology licensing agreements etc.) with particular emphasis on environmental liability terms and possible responsibilities that may arise in the event of liquidation. FGRID having experience in strategy planning, construction and operation of RES power plants is aware of the legal framework and the risks that may arise. So, it guides you to obtain the energy authorization and also to reduce the risk of your liability if such arises. Our legal services are tailored to the specific customer and project needs with the only goal to deliver successful projects on time and on budget.





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    FGRID supports Renewable Energy projects across Greece with the full range of planning, permitting, engineering, environmental and design services. Until today we have licensed renewable energy projects throughout the country, with a total capacity of 1,250 MW and we continue unhindered. We operate with absolute confidentiality and methodology.


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